Autosports Show.

One person I forgot to mention who helped us at the show is Gethin Thomas, from our major partner, SRS Rail UK. Gethin came on Saturday, and made an astute observation early on, regarding the pattern of people visiting the stand. We moved the engine on his recommendation and it made people move into the stand in a much more balanced way and created a lot more interest, rather than people just looking as they passed by. Thanks Gethin!

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January 2015

The Angelic Bulldog team had an excellent Autosports Show at the NEC this weekend. I would like to thank everybody who came to talk to us and look at the project over the two days. We had an amazing response, particularly to the engine, which looked magnificent on it’s stand.

LinkEngineManagementLogoNGK SP Logo
We are working with Alan and Kirsty from Linkecu and NGK to sort out the ECUs for the engine, and held several meetings on Saturday and Sunday to discuss and clarify specifications and compatibility.
I am grateful to Peter, John, Gethin, Prem, Martin, Will and Mario for all they did to make it the best we could. I am proud of their efforts, and I hope everyone recovers from their sore throats asap!

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The beast is now getting her pipes

Pipes for the beastThe beast is now getting her pipes.  Thanks Dale who posted this photo to our Facebook page.

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Rail Live 2014

Gabriel + SRS International at Long Marston

Gabriel Uttley spreading the word with SRS and the Orange Army at Rail Live 2014. Thanks to Tim Harris for the photo taken 20 June 2014.

SRS International have been providing us with as great deal help – thank you.

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December 2014 newsletter

We have sent the December 2014 Angelic Bulldog Project newsletter to everybody on our email list.  You can download it as a pdf file or read it below.

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Priden Engineering engine stand

Priden Engineering engine stand 2

Priden Engineering have made us this gorgeous display/transport stand for the engine and gearbox. It will also allow us to run the engine up on it.

Priden Engineering logo

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