Update, 22nd August.

We had a very successful team meeting recently, and came up with some strong decisions regarding making more progress. Although it was acknowledged that everyone (almost) had full time jobs, people were feeling frustrated that progress was not more tangible.
We decided to go with the Link ECUs, and use an extra data logger for the information we require. They are also sending a wiring loom to enable us to run the engine. Dan has since found a friend who can run the ECUs for us, and has offered dyno and set up time also.
Major work is being done on the air inlets, with Prem, Franky and Mario now linking up with Dave Woodruff in America to find our best solution. Martin Hockenhull is drawing up all the modifications for us, including preparing the plenum drawing for machining after the company dealing with it encountered problems with overseas customers and were no longer able to help us complete it, though we are grateful for the superb work they did on it from the original design.
Peter Trevor compiled a list of jobs to enable us to have people focus on them to a deadline, in order to try and enable us to have the chassis running by Christmas.
The show body is away being slightly modified for a more professional fit to make it look even better for shows.
Dan Dole is drawing up a final version of the inlet trumpets which we are looking to have 3D printed.
The roll cage is being modified to allow the front swing arm to be closer to the forward bulkhead, with a revised position of the suspension unit. This will improve the situation of getting enough capacity of water to safely run the engine in the streamliner during our attempt.
The frame extensions have been made to fit the water tank behind the driver bulkhead, and in front of the engine, and Dan Marshall is completing the redesign of the chassis to fit.
We are extremely pleased to have Physical Digital on board as their work has already verified Dan’s engine design, and the fit into the chassis.
As soon as we receive the ECUs, Clayton can make the wiring harness and Peter can fit the sensors to the chassis.
As ever, we are grateful to all our partners, but in particular SRS Rail Systems UK and NGK who are proving a major part in our work.

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Physical Digital 3D Scanning video

This video was made during the recent visit of Physical Digital to the Angelic Bulldog Project workshop. The video can also be seen on YouTube and the Physical Digital 3D optical measurement experts website.

The video which includes a quick introduction to the Angelic Bulldog Project also explains how working with Physical Digital 3D scanning will move us forward towards our target of building a 400mph motorbike to break the land speed record for motor cycles.

By having our engine, transmission and chassis frame scanned we will have a very accurate 3D model of the whole machine from which precise measurements of existing and new components can be deduced.

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July 2015 Newsletter

We have just sent out a newsletter to all those people and companies for whom we have a current email address.  You can also download a copy of the newsletter from this link: Angelic Bulldog Project July 2015 newsletter

Alternatively you can read it here. Read More »

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Classics at the Castle 2015

The Angelic Bulldog Project will on show at the Classics at the Castle show on Sunday 19 July.

  • Lotus Marque Feature
  • NEW for 2015 – Hot Rods, Custom and American Cars Feature
  • NEW for 2015 – The BLOODHOUND Supersonic Car Driving Experience simulator
  • Dragsters, Race and Rally Cars
  • Supercars
  • Vintage and Classic Cars
  • Motor Clubs
  • Charterhouse Car Auction
  • Trade Stands
  • Autojumble
  • Crafts Fair

All in the beautiful lakeside setting of Sir Walter Raleigh’s
16th Century  SHERBORNE CASTLE in Dorset

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Physical Digital visit Angelic Bulldog

Physical digital setting up

Today we welcomed Physical Digital to the Angelic Bulldog Project workshop. We met them last November at the Advanced Engineering Show at the NEC.  They came to scan our power unit. The team from Physical Digital were extremely enthusiastic, but due to their workload over the Christmas period they visit to us had to be delayed until today.
Dan, Ben and Quintus from Physical Digital quickly set up the gear and got the powerful computer warming up. Daniel and Ben took time to explain to Roger and myself the procedures involved.. It was fascinating to watch them work, with new words like Photogrammetry to understand! That is the versatile optical coordinate measuring machine (CMM).. yes it gave me a headache too!
To complete the scan of the whole power unit used 10.85 million points, and I was absolutely enthralled by the emerging picture on the main computer as the machine progressed through each individual scan. The process is line of sight, so something as complicated as our power unit would be a vast task. We aimed at getting the overall outline to aid our chassis build, and the result was superb.
You can find Physical Digital on physicaldigital.com

physicaldigital logo

Nick and Jono from SW Film were there to make a promotional video of the process which I think will benefit everybody! www.southwestfilm.co.uk

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Dan-Tec Engines

Dan-Tec engine logo

Dan Dole who has been working on the engine for the Angelic Bulldog Project streamliner and has been writing a blog about it.  You can now read the latest 6 posts on this website on a new page in our press section called Dan-Tec Engines & Bikes

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