Dan Dole

Dan has been building racing engines for two decades now, since first starting a job as a trainee engine builder at Brian Hart Ltd in 1989. He stayed there until 2000 when the company closed, a had worked his way up to the position of Development Engine Builder.

“I had a great time working for Brian Hart, building Formula 1 V8’s and V10’s. It was interesting to be at the forefront of engine development, and using new technology as it was developed. What made this more challenging is the lack of information available on new projects. The only other companies going along similar lines of development were Formula 1 competitors, and they weren’t going to give anything away, so all problems had to be solved in house”.

Since 2000 Dan has worked on World Rally engines for a year, and then GT racing until the present day where he works for a top LMP1 team, going for another decent Le Mans 24hr result.

“Working at events like Le Mans is an amazing experience, knowing anything could happen in practice or the race, and if it does, it needs to be fixed immediately. Fortunately engine trouble is very rare, but I still have to be prepared, knowing I’ll be called upon to fix it, if it does happen. The pressure and lack of sleep is huge, but a good result makes it all worth it, and I keep going back for more.”

In his spare time Dan is a very keen motorcyclist, and has been for even longer than he’s been building racing engines, closely following the International racing scene. As time allows he enjoys modifying his own bikes preferring to make everything himself rather than just bolting on expensive goodies.

“Speed is a major passion of mine, which you could probably guess from my career, so when I was asked to be part of the team, I didn’t have to think about it for too long. I think I answered ‘yes’ before Jim had finished asking the question. This record attempt will be just like motor racing for me, it’s all in the preparation. Everything has to be considered, and when we go for the record, everything has to be ready. There’s only prizes for results, nothing for excuses!”

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